******CLUB NEWS******

​ Antrim county snowmobile club 


~ Kitchen help will be needed again this year during snowmobile season. Sign up in the clubhouse today to work your 4 hour block. 9am-1pm or 1-5pm 
~ Tom Munro was nominated for Vice President, Wendy Arnold was nominated for Treasurer and Mike Null was re-nominated for President. Voting will be done at the November 11, 2017. Come in, join us, and make your vote count! 
~ Annual Christmas party set for December 9th, 2017. Start at 5pm for hors devours and 6pm dinner. Brian Hansen to cook main course again this year. Party to be held at Lakes of the North OLD clubhouse again this year.
 ~Signs need to be ordered for all events.


~ Club Bean Pot: Jan 13, 2018 at clubhouse. 11am-4pm.
~ Pancake Breakfast: Dec 30, 2017 & Feb 24, 2018. 8am-10am.
~ Vintage Ride: Feb 1, 2018. Time: TBD
~ Weenie Roast: Feb 10th, 2018 at 2pm to 5pm.
~ Winterfest: Feb 17th & 18th, 2018. ACSC will have a booth this year. More information to come on this event. 
~ Club rides: Meet at clubhouse at 9am. Weather permitting.
                  Jan 3, 11, 19, 24, 2018.
                  Feb 1, 9, 14, 22, 2018.
                  Mar 2, 7, 15, 23, 28, 2018.
~ Overnight destination ride: Atlanta, Cheboygan, Higgins Lake, or Mackinaw. Which place would you prefer? Please drop us an email and let us know or post something on Facebook. Date will be Jan 28th-29th, 2018 and then a alternate date of Feb 12th-13th, 2018. 
~ Antrim County Snowmobile Patrol Dept is hiring. Applicants can call 231-533-3538 for further information.
~ Next meeting: Nov 11th, 2017 at 10am.


It's been a busy, busy off season. Getting back to this monthly update is gonna be tough! Can't wait for daylights saving time to give me another hour!

~ The annual ORV ride was a success! Lot's of fun had by all even through the dust! We were all wishing for a little rain! After expenses we made $294.00 for the club building fund and 2 new members.

~ The fish fry made $66.00 for the building fund. These events will be held again next year!

~ Brushing and signing has begun! Trails are shaping up nicely!

~ Membership for the club is up to 436 members and holding strong!

~ We encourage everyone to join the MSA today! They help making our voices heard on the state level!

~ Kitchen will be open at the clubhouse again this winter season. Volunteers always needed. Sign up in the club house today!!

~ Make your nominations for President, Vice President, and Treasurer at the October meeting. We will vote on new officers at the November meeting. See you all there!! We will be transferring the membership duties to the VP this year to take a little work off the Treasurer. 

~ Adopt a Forest Michigan Coalition for Clean Forests has contacted us to help with dump site cleanups in Antrim County. Many are close to our trails. More to come on this in future meetings. Volunteers will be needed!

~ Klim is looking for input on partnering with clubs. We will be sending out an email blast to all of our members with a survey on how they want to accomplish this partnership. Keep an eye on your inboxes!

~ The club has made a motion to NOT be included in supplying the food for the Winterfest for 2018. This motion was made by Mike Shagna and Paul Zutten seconded. The Winterfest will still be looking for volunteers from the club to volunteer at other sections of the Winterfest. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jason Gedert.  

~ Christmas party is set for December 9th, 2017. Start time 5pm. Dinner at 6pm. Brian Hansen to cook the main course again this year. Party will be held at Lakes of the North OLD clubhouse again. 

~ Weenie Roast will be held again this year. Date to be determined. 

~ Overnight destination club ride to be held again this year again as well. Date to be determined. Mackinaw City or Atlanta may be good destinations. 

~ Pancake Breakfast to be held again this year. Date to be determined. 

~ Bean Pot will be held again this year. Date and place to be determined. 

~ Weekly club rides will be scheduled in future meetings. 

~ Next meeting is: October 14th at 10am. See you then!



It's been a busy summer! The golf outing was a success as usual. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped get all the prize donations and helped with preparations. 

~ We are now 430 members strong as of June 2017 meeting! Always looking for new members!

~ We encourage everyone to support & join the MSA today!
~ Remind members that they have a lot of power through their voices. Please keep using your voice to be heard in support/not support for county funded projects. Hiking and biking trails are being blocked for county land purchases from non-motorized vehicles specifically. Mancelona is working on master plan to help with expand snowmobile trails. Petition can be formed to bring more people to help support snowmobile trails or write letters to township and county commissioners. The need for motorized trails in this region is crucial to business & economic development of the area and surrounding areas. A sample template letter is on the website, facebook, or ask us and we can forward it to you. Make your voices heard!!

   1. Fish Fry Potluck Dinner will be held at ACSC clubhouse on August 5, 2017 at 5pm. 
   2. Annual ORV Ride will be held again this year August 25-27th, 2017. Omelette bags for breakfest. Lunch and dinner will also be provided. 
~ Next meeting is: August 12, 2017 at 10am.


~ We are 427 members strong as of May 2017 meeting!

~ We encourage everyone to support & join the MSA. They are our voice on capitol hill.


     1. ACSC Golf Outing will be held at Lakes of the North Deer Run Golf Course on June 17, 2017. Registration at                              9am. Shotgun Start at 10am. $65 per golfer or $260 per 4 some. Come out and join the fun!! Please contact Tom Munro          at 810-392-3169 or Mike Null at 517-262-2738 for more information if needed. 

     2. Fish Fry Potluck Dinner will be held at ACSC clubhouse on August 5, 2017 at 5pm. 

     3. Annual ORV Ride will be held again this year August 25-27th, 2017. More details to come later.  

~ Next meeting is: June 10, 2017 at 10am.


​~ Our president, Mike Null, went to a county meeting in response to an article in the Antrim County review. We need to be more vocal on all county and township proposals. Antrim County wants to purchase 80 acres of land that is land locked. Proposal has been tabled for now.Write your county commissioners and representatives today! A letter template can be found on the home page of this website. There are many organizations fighting this proposal that would very much like to make this property non-mortorized!  BE VOCAL!! LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!!

~ Also, join the MSA today. The MSA is dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling and has representatives lobbying for all the positive's the sport brings to Michigan!

~ The Keyes family sent a thank you card for the Pink Ribbon Riders sponsorship. HUGE KUDO's to her and her family for raising over $35,000 for the cause! Beth also donated (2) $50 gift certificates to our club to be used at the annual golf outing. 

~ ACSC gave a lifetime achievement award to Larry & Dorothy Sevenski for all their continued efforts to help the club and surrounding businesses make snowmobiling great! His compassion for the sport is unprecidented. 

~ ACSC Annual Golf Outing will be held at Lakes of the North Deer Run Golf Course again this year on June 17, 2017. Sign up your team today. 

~ ACSC 3rd Annual ORV run will be held again this year on August 25-27, 2017. Overnight camping available at the clubhouse grounds. 

~ Reminder: Please complete the survey mailed along with the latest newsletter. This will help us plan future events. 

~ There will be no April 2017 meeting. Next meeting is: May 13th, 2017 at 10am. See you then!



     1. Mike's 3rd Annual Wienie Roast is Feb 11, 2017. 2pm to 5pm. 
     2. Lakes of the North Winterfest is Feb 18-19, 2017. Saturday 12pm to 8pm and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. (ACSC will be                    serving food at event). Go to www.lakesofthenorthwinterfest.com for more information on actual event. 

~ Newsletter will go out monthly for the winter season and then a quarterly after the snowmobile season is over. 

~ Donation to Beth Keyes to ride in the Pink Ribbon Riders motion made and accepted. Beth will take pictures at the event and they will be added to our next newsletter. 

~ The Antrim County Map Board in our parking lot is being updated by Jerry Bechtold. A big thank you to him for taking over that responsibility!

~ Law enforcement has been out in full force. See the February newsletter for updates on the parking situation by the railroad along 131. The train now runs twice a week at least. 

     MCL: 324.82126 (i) OPERATIONS OF SNOWMOBILE; prohibi8ons, on a railroad or railroad right of way.
     For our County Trail System the area of focus for our staff is the tracks that run along US 131, trail 768 Mancelona to Alba
     and 4-76/ 76 from Alba to Elmira. The most troubling area within that system, is between Kregula Rd and East St near
     Alba. This is where the trail runs close to railroad tracks, it is congested and is the area of most concern to the railroad
     authority. As of late the trains have been moving heavy payloads at least twice a week to the new power plant in Elmira.
     In the past, trains have been derailed due to sleds packing snow into their system by crossing in areas other than road
     ends or running along the tracks.

     Another concern is parking on the railroad right away and leaving the sleds unattended while going into businesses
     across the highway when trains come through. Members of our staff have met with business owners along that system,
     to ask for assistance with these problem areas and have been well received; taking measures to help reduce that type of

     None of us want to reduce tourism to our businesses or our trails, but what is not well known is that we have to have
     permission from both MDOT and the railroad authority to continue to have that trail system.

     Our Office has the responsibility for education and enforcement on this issue and have been requested by the railroad
     authorities to reduce these events. We are asking your members and viewers of this newsletter to take an active stand in
     educating our riding community on this prohibitive activity.

     Thank you, Daniel S. Bean, Sheriff

     **and as always. Please stop at all stop signs- the life you save may be your own!!

~ Club rides have started. See website for dates as they vary weekly.

~ Next meeting: Feb 11th, 2017 at 9am.


We can't believe it has been another year and 2017 is already being written.

~ JVTC Update: All trails are ready and being groomed regularly so thank you to all the groomer drivers who volunteer countless hours grooming so you can enjoy our trail system. 
~ Membership Update: Approx 300 members as of Dec 10th, 2016 and 80 brand new never before members! Let's all help the president Mike Null make our club the biggest in Michigan by referring a friend! Let's give him some bragging rights!
~ Kitchen help still needed for Saturday's during the winter season. Sign up sheet is in the clubhouse. Choose your day's today! Volunteers ALWAYS needed. 
~ Winterfest at Lakes of the North is Feb 18th and 19th, 2017. ACSC will be supplying all food for event. Volunteers for this event also still needed. Sign up in the clubhouse or contact Mike Null. Event times: 12p to 10p on Sat and 12p to 5p on Sun. Food service hours are 12p to 8pm on Sat and 12p to 4p on Sun. Come join us for all sorts of fun and activities!
Check out their website at: www.lakesofthenorthwinterfest.com.
~ Christmas Party was a huge success. More info will be posted after next meeting.
~ Larry's Bean Pot is January 14, 2017 at Larry's Seven Ski in Elmira, MI from 11a to 4p. Come by and warm yourself in our tent and curb your hunger with hot bean soup! Hope to see you all then! If you would like to volunteer to work this even contact Jeannie Kortier for further info.
~ 2017 club newsletter was mailed or emailed to all members the first of December. A huge THANK YOU to Judy Zutten for taking on these responsibilities and keeping us on track! See all club posters of events on front page of our website. 
~ Big THANK YOU to Karen Nantz for making the sign and Ken Thornton, John Salmon and John's brother Vince for hanging it! It looks great!

~ Club and council donated a groomer ride for Wertz Warriors silent auction in addition to our usual $500 donation.

     1. Larry's Seven Ski Bean Pot is Jan 14, 2017. 11am to 4pm. 
     2. Brian's Pancake Breakfast is Jan 28th. 8am to 10am.
     3. Mike's 3rd Annual Wienie Roast is Feb 11, 2017. 2pm to 5pm. 
     4. Lakes of the North Winterfest is Feb 18-19, 2017. Saturday 12pm to 8pm and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. (ACSC will be serving            food at event). Go to www.lakesofthenorthwinterfest.com for more information on actual event. 

~ Next meeting is Jan, 14, 2017 at 9am.


​~ Kitchen help still needed during the 16/17 snowmobile season. Sign up sheet in clubhouse. Sign up today and help out the community and club. 

~ All brushing completed and trails graded. Just waiting for snow!

~ A BIG THANK YOU to our new volunteer groomer driver: Kevin Toombs! Welcome aboard!

~ If you would like to volunteer to work the Lakes of the North Winterfest 2017 Feb 18th & 19th, please contact Mike Null. 

~ Vice President and Secretary officer positions are up for voting. Chris Kortier was nominated for vice president and Jackie Boucher was nominated for secretary for another 2 years. All members in attendance in favor of both nominees. 

~ New pictures of officers will be taken and put on wall.

~ Again this year, $2,500 will be given to charities. Motion made by Mike Shagena & seconded by Ken Curtis. 

~ New club sign finally finished. A huge THANK YOU for Karen Nantz for all her time and hard work on the sign!

~ Website calendar finally updated. The format will change but for now we have the next 3 months online. Also, corporate members/sponsors have been added to the website as well. 

~ Next meeting: Dec 10th, 2016 at 9am. 


~ Kitchen help still needed during the 16/17 snowmobile season!!! Sign up sheet in clubhouse. Sign up today and help out the community and local snowmobile club. 

~ NOTICE: We are growing so the Christmas party will be held at Lakes of the North Old Clubhouse this year!.

Time: 5pm Happy Hour and 6pm Dinner. The club will again be providing the main dish compliments of Brian Hansen who will be smoking pork butt and chicken. Bring a dish to pass. We will also be accepting food pantry donations. 


Larry's Seven Ski Bean Pot is Jan 14, 2017. 11am to 4pm. 

Brian's Pancake Breakfast is Jan 28th. 8am to 10am.

Mike's 3rd Annual Wienie Roast is Feb 11, 2017. 2pm to 5pm. 

Lakes of the North Winterfest is Feb 18-19, 2017. Saturday 12pm to 8pm and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. (ACSC will be serving food at event). Go to www.lakesofthenorthwinterfest.com for more information on actual event. 

~ Club rides to be starting Jan 4th, 2017. Check out the calendar for dates and times. Weather permitting.

~ Judy Zutten has taken over the newsletter responsibilities. Thank you so much to her!!! Article ideas always wanted. Contact her with your ideas today by email at: ztropics@comcast.net

~ Next meeting: Nov 12th, 2016 at 10am.


After some growing pains with the website we are finally back online!

CONGRATULATIONS to Karl Davenport on becoming the ACSC Member of the Year for 2016!!! Cheers to him for all his hard work and dedication to our club! 
Mancelona Rotary Poker Tournament will be held on Jan 9th, 2016 at Lakes of the North (Settings Restaurant) at 6pm. Registration begins at 5pm. Tournament at 6pm. If you would like to pre-register, please contact Chuck Johnson Tel: 231-350-6176.
A huge "Thank you" to Ed Klem for speaking at the clubhouse on the trail systems in other countries and the trends in the snowmobile industry. Very informative! 
Larry’s Bean Pot Date: Jan 16th, 2015. Anyone that would like to volunteer to work at the bean pot should contact Jeanne Kortier at 231-492-7983. Leave your name, number, and what shift you would like and how many people are volunteering. Volunteers needed for raffle, set-up, cooking, serving, and clean-up. Volunteer shifts start at 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, and 2pm-4pm. All proceeds from bean pot will benefit the ACSC! A 50-50 raffle will also be held. Come out...fill your stomach...and maybe make some money!!!!
Vintage Ride: Feb 4th, 2015.
Overnight ride Jan 31, Feb 1, 2015. Bay Mills casino/hotel $100 per night. Make your reservations by calling the Bay Mills Casino at 888-422-9645. 
Jan 30, 2015 and Feb 20, 2015 Pancake Breakfasts 8am – 10am.
Next meeting will be held on Jan 9th, 2016 at 9am.

Christmas party decorating will be held at the clubhouse on December 10th at noon. Come help decorate for the main event!
Christmas Party will be held at the clubhouse on December 12th, 2015 at 5pm. Dinner will be at 6pm. Bring a dish to pass. The main course will be provided. This year the main course will be ham and pulled pork. Bring your canned goods for the food pantry's. A donation jar will also be at the clubhouse for cash donations for our charities. 
Larry's Bean Pot will be held at Larry's Sevenski Inn on Jan 16, 2015.
Annual Pancake Breakfast's will held at ACSC clubhouse on Jan 30th, 2015 and Feb 20, 2015 from 8am to 10am with a ride to follow. 
Overnight Casino snowmobile trip will be held at Bay Mills in Brimley, MI on Jan 31, 2015 and Feb 1, 2015. We will trailer up to casino and ride out from there. There will be no guided rides on this trip. A block of rooms have been reserved under Antrim County Snowmobile Club. Call to make your reservations today at 888-422-9645! We had a blast on this trip last year. We expect this year to be even more fun!!   
Vintage snowmobile ride will be Feb 4th, 2015.
Mike's Annual Weiner Roast will be held at the ACSC clubhouse on Feb 13th, 2015. 
Next meeting will be held on Dec 12th, 2015 at 9am.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Null for continuing his presidential services to the club for another 2 years!! Also, CONGRATULATIONS to John Salmon for taking on the Treasurer duties and responsibilities!! Welcome new and returning officers!
Snowmobile safety courses will be held at the ACSC clubhouse December 5, 2015 at 10am. 
ACSC Christmas party will be held at the ACSC clubhouse December 12. Starting at 5pm. Dinner will be at 6pm. The Can Drive will also be available if you would like to bring cans of food for our food pantry donations.  
ACSC has scheduled a bean pot event at Larry's SevenSki Inn on Jan 16, 2015. Hope to see your there!
We have all sizes in apparel on the shelf but if you need a different size or a special color, they can be special ordered. 

    A HUGE THANK YOU!!!! to Mike & Cindy Null, Karl & Angie Davenport, Chris & Jeanne Kortier, Frank & Linda Ranere, Brian Hansen and Jackie Boucher for the continued    support at ACSC events! You guys make the club better and better everyday!  The 1st annual ORV run/Camping weekend was such a huge success we already have it     scheduled for next year. Mark your     calendar now for Aug 26, 27, 2016!!    Lets make this event an annual favorite!
Next meeting has been changed to Sept 19, 2015 at 10am.

    1st annual ACSC ORV run/Camping weekend scheduled for Aug 28, 29, 2015. $10.00 donation per person. Breakfast will be omelets in a bag. Breakfast will start at     8am. ORV run will leave     between 10am and 11am.  We will travel to Dingman's for lunch.  Hot dogs and hamburgers to follow the ride. Bring a dish to pass. 
    Mackinaw Bridge Trek the Mighty Mac ORV ride scheduled for Oct 2, 2015. Sign up today online at: http://www.trekthemightymac.com/
    Brushing dates to be added to the calendar soon. 
    A big THANK YOU! to Jackie Boucher for taking over webmaster duties!
    Another big THANK YOU! to Kenny Thornton for his service as counsel member on JVTC and a big WELCOME to Boug Biehl as the new counsel member.
    Next meeting has been changed to Sept 19, 2015 at 10am.

Congratulations to the winners of the ACSC golf outing!! 

                        Men's:              1st Place - Bob Frazier, Mark Frazier, Jim Racey, & Joel Lemmer.
                                                2nd Place - Dave Falk, Craig Copeland, Jeff Poutanen, & Jason Morrison.     

                        Mixed:              1st Place - Brian Hansen, Jackie Boucher, Ken Curtis, & Cherie Held.
                                                2nd Place - Bob Schmoekel, Barb Schmoekel, Dennis Reitz, & Cheryl Reitz

Next meeting is August 8th, 2015 at 10 am.
ORV Ride will be held at the clubhouse August 29, 2015. Rustic overnight camping will be available Friday and Saturday. ORV permit will be required.

17th Annual Golf Scramble to be held June 20th @ Deer Lake Golf Course (Lakes of the North).  Registration opens at 9:30 w/coffee & donuts.  11am shotgun start.  Includes lunch, golf w/cart, golf balls.

$60/golfer ($240/team) early registration fee, valid until June 6th
Team registration after June 6th, $65/golfer ($260/team)
Hole Sponsorships available - $50
Door Prize donations also accepted
Prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place teams
Registration Form Here:    Golf Scramble Registration/Hole Sponsorship

Odawa Club Ride - March 1, 2015

Odawa Casino, Petosky
Leave from Clubhouse (time 10am), lunch stop, Casino arrival
$89/night - includes:  $10 food coupon, $10 slot play, $5 Table play, Complimentary breakfast, Pool/Hot Tub use
Call and reserve your room ASAP, make sure to mention ACSC when booking  (877.442.6464)

All Club Rides start at 10am and depart from the clubhouse
Pancake Breakfasts & Club Rides

January 24 8am-10am - club ride follows breakfast
February 21 8am - 10am - club ride follows breakfast

Wertz Warriors will be the club again this year - February 5th @ 12:30
Vintage sled ride will be held at 1:30 on February 5th at the clubhouse.
Hot Dog Roast & Bonfire - February 14th, 2pm
MSA Raffle tickets are on sale!  50% of the sale goes directly to the club to help fund our operating expenses.  The prize this year:  17' Legend enclosed trail with full graphics package.  Tickets are $5, see Mike Null or stop in the club to purchase.
Giant THANK YOU to all of you that supported the Annual Christmas Party this year.  It takes many hands to make this holiday tradition a success - from set up, to decorating, food prep, & clean up THANK YOU!!!!! 
Know someone that is always going above and beyond?  Someone that supporting the club in the background and may not be getting the acknowledgement they deserve?  Or how about someone that is so full of spirit that they make the club a better place........ Stop in the club and nominate someone for 'MEMBER OF THE YEAR'!  The box is located in the clubhouse.
Have you seen anyone wearing the new lounge pants?  You can get your very own pair, now available at the clubhouse.  New hats and long sleeve performance shirts are available as well.
The clubhouse will be open on Sunday January 18th due to the long holiday weekend.

Youth Snowmobile Class:   November 29th 10am - 4pm.   Please contact Darrell Mitchell by Nov 24th to register (231.676.1202).  Lunch will be provided
Elections!!!!!  November 8th Meeting
Holiday Party & Food Drive will be Saturday December 13th, 5pm at the Clubhouse
Have you renewed your membership????    Renew early and SAVE!!!!    Those that pay by 12/1/2014 save $5.

Renew by 12/1/2014:    Individual - $15 / Family - $20 / Business - $30
Renew AFTER 12/1/2014:    Individual - $20 / Family - $25 / Business - $35
3 year Memberships are available UNTIL 12/1/2014:      Individual - $45 / Family - $60 / Business - $105   

Golf outing on June 14th at Lakes of the North.  9:30 registration, 11:00 shot gun start.  $65/golfer or $260/team - includes golf, cart, steak dinner, and golf balls.  See homepage for registration form and sponsor form.
Next meeting is Saturday August 2nd at 3pm.  There will be a brief meeting with a member BBQ immediately following.  Please RSVP to Jackie (mrsandman57@yahoo.com) by July 26th.  Please bring a dish to pass and beverages of your choice.

Odawa Casino Trip:  March 13-14    (10am departure from Clubhouse, stop for lunch, approx 3pm arrival)
Call 877 4 gaming for reservation Date March 13th 2014, $69.00 plus tax
You will get $10.00 for slots, $5.00 for black jack , and $10.00 food coupon per person,
There is a all you can eat crab leg buffet on Thursday for $25.95 per person,
There is a breakfast available in lobby of hotel that is included as well
Shuttle service provided to hotel and casino
24 hour cancellation policy
And they accommodate snowmobile parking in lot...

December 14th, Holiday Party/Food Drive.  Meet & Greet starts at 5pm, Dinner will be served at 6:30.  Please bring a dish to pass, main course will be provided.  Remember we are collecting donations for the local food pantries during this event.  Boxed and/or Canned goods are welcome.  Cash donations will go far too!  If you cannot make it in person and would like to donate to the food drive, the club will accept checks and pass the donation on.  Make checks payable to ACSC.

Big THANK YOU!!  to all of those that participated, organized, and volunteered at the 15th Annual ACSC Golf Outing last month!  Congratulations to the winners!
Reminder that the club is looking for a new President and Treasurer.  If interested please contact one of the board members.
The club mourns the loss of one of our members, Bill Clay.  Bill passed away last month.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  
Brushing dates have been added to the calendar.  Please help if you are able.  We owe our great rides all season long to those who put in all the hard work during the fall. 

15th Annual ACSC Golf Outing to be held September 21st at Deer Run Golf Course at Lakes of the North.  The club is looking for club members to help support the outing by sponsoring a hole.  Sponsorship forms can be downloaded from the homepage or here (Sponsor Form).  Registration Forms can be downloaded here (Registration) or from the homepage.  Please see your August Newsletter for a message from the club treasurer about how important sponsorship is to the outing this year.
August meeting will be Saturday August 10th at 3pm.  A Hotdog Cookout will follow the meeting, please email the club if you plan on attending so we have an accurate headcount for food.
Looking for Volunteers!!!  We are in need of 8-10 volunteers for a couple of hours during the golf outing on Sept 21st.  Please contact Dave Falk or Bob Richter if interested.
Officer Nominations - Nominations will be taken in September for both Treasurer and President, both 2 year terms.  

My apologies to the club for the long delays in updates.
April meeting has been CANCELLED
March meeting will be at 9am.  Meetings move to 10am in May.
We still have club rides planned:  Feb 20th & 26th, March 6th & 12th
If you are a commerical member and have a website you would like added, please email the club the address.
We've added a "Find The Club" map on the Contact Us Page

Attention Android Users......  You can add the ACSC Mobile site to your homescreen too!  Follow these instructions:        Open Browser:  antrimcountysnowmobileclub.org
        Select the "menu" button on your phone
        Select 'Save to Bookmarks'
        Rename the 'Label' - ACSC
        Change the 'Add To' field to 'HOMESCREEN'
        Select OK
You are all set..............................   Enjoy!